Igneous was founded on July 2nd, 2014 while lazing on the shore of New Hampshire.  Nothing in the world beats the beach ... nothing. In my world salt water, sand and the smell of seaweed heals everything. I am a certified beach hugger.

The small igneous rocks used in the jewelry have been smoothed and nurtured by the ebb and flow of the ocean, they are ancient, 400 million years old.  Imagine where they came from and what they have been through.  Just to hold one in your hand and rub it feels so good.  By adding the full cut melee diamond a sparkle from the ocean lives on.  This jewelry just makes you feel good, and beware, it attracts people with a twinkle in their eye!

Enjoy and spread the good word of handmade, local jewelry ~ and be sure to check out the bags , ottomans and yoga pillows, a wonderful line too.

Beach hugs,