I grew up in a small coastal village  in New Zealand where I was never bored.   The years were spent making 'things', always making something.  That passion has never ebbed, and like the beach where I grew up I watched nature flow, change and grow around me - a constant, reliable beauty that is irreplaceable.  I am a dreamer, a creator, an ideas person, a maker.  Being creative doesn't come without it's challenges but I couldn't imagine my life any other way ~ I am my absolute happiest when creating something with my hands.  A big part of my life is about traveling and gathering information, ideas, experiences, stories and feeling the depths of other cultures. 

The jewelry line is designed and made by me and my husband, an extraordinary metalsmith. The best part about it is we get to go to our 'office' at the beach, it couldn't be better.  

The line of bags, ottomans and yoga pillows were born while riding a bus in the altiplano region of Guatemala.  The textiles of Guatemala are by far the most extraordinary in the world and I am honored to recycle/reuse the threads of the Mayan.  It is just the beginning of a great adventure, and there will certainly be more to come …

All of the products are designed and hand made by Igneous in New Hampshire, US of A!


Lesley Hansard & Rob Peacock